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Gold Backed Debit Card and Silver Bank

Ever since I got into buying precious metals, I’ve always thought it would be a great idea to have a gold or silver backed debit card, so that I could protect my wealth against inflation and have an easy means … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff Versus Dave Ramsey

I had always liked documentaries and even before I began my quest for economic knowledge, I had stumbled across Dave Ramsey who was featured in two 2006 documentaries, ‘In Debt We Trust’ [trailer] and ‘Maxed Out’ [trailer], which both focused … Continue reading

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The Myth About The Importance Of A University/College Degree

Unfortunately, the world we currently live in puts so much importance on higher education, as it was such an important thing when our parents and possibly grandparents grew up. But the fact that everybody these days has a university or … Continue reading

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Silver’s May 2011 Decline

Anyone who is following the silver market lately would have seen the 30% drop that began since the beginning of the month, where silver dropped from around US$ 48 to 35 in 4 days (May 1 – 5). The fall … Continue reading

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Second International Islamic Retreat [IIR 2011]

During my quest for knowledge, I stumbled upon Sheikh Imran Hosein’s lectures on youtube, many of which were from the ‘First International Islamic Retreat’ in 2009 in Trinidad. And when I finally came across his website late last year, I … Continue reading

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