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Bill Still I came across William ‘Bill’ T. Still through his monetary system documentaries which he narrated and directed entitled ‘The Money Masters’ [Google Video, Website, Amazon, Wikipedia] and ‘The Secret of Oz’ [Dutch, Spanish, trailer, synopsis, Amazon]. I had a hard time watching ‘The Money Masters’ the first time I tried, as though it had an excellent amount of information on the history of the monetary system in the US, the three and a half hour documentary was a 1990’s low-budge film and I was used to more recent documentaries with graphs and graphics. Since its release Bill has distanced himself from the film, as he is unable to fix a number of fake quotes in it. ‘The Secret of Oz’ is Bill’s more recent documentary, which was released after the 2008 collapse and focuses on the monetary symbolisms found in the children’s book ‘The Wizard of Oz’, as well as the problems in the banking system. He is also the author of ‘No More National Debt’ [Amazon, Facebook, Introduction] wherein he states that sovereign nations don’t have to borrow their money into existence, but instead should issue debt-free money.

I have alot of respect for Bill Still for his efforts to educate people on the fraud of central banking and debt-based money, but disagree with his view on the solutions. He apposes the gold standard and proposes that fiat money similar to Colonial Scrip be printed for the public good. Unfortunately, I don’t agree with this and agree with G. Edward Griffin’s review of his films in which he writes –

“The solution to fiat money is not MORE fiat money. It is REAL money based on tangible assets, and none has yet been discovered that serves as well as gold or silver. … Still claims that it would be a mistake to return to a gold-backed monetary system because most of the world’s gold now is held by the bankers. This is a deceptively appealing argument. First, it is not true. Central banks do hold more gold than any other single entity; but the total inventory of gold in the hands of private citizens, as bullion or coins or jewelry or known deposits in working mines, is much larger. In addition to that is the vast reserve of gold in the earth and oceans that has not yet even been located or measured.”

Bill criticizes Dr. Ron Paul for wanting to take down the Federal Reserve (aka the FED) with quotes like “He does not understand the root of the problem. He think it’s all about what backs the money, instead of who is in control of the QUANTITY.”, because even after the FED’s dismemberment fractional reserve banking would still be alive. Ron is against fractional reserve banking [Forbes], as many from the Austrian School are, but his main push since being in Congress was to abolish the FED, similar to how Andrew Jackson dismantled the Second Bank of the United States in the 1930s. I believe that fixing the fractional reserve banking system is a more difficult fight then taking down a central bank, as fractional reserve banking has been around alot longer than central banking, and would require an educated populous to be against the practice for it to fixed.

I do follow Bill on his Youtube channel and have enjoyed his regular updates. Recently he started a series of short 3 and 4 minute videos to help educate individuals who would be discouraged to watching his films due to their length, so hopefully these clips will be easier for us to share with our families.

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Bill Still will be attending this year’s 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba, along with other people I know over including Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Sheikh Imran Hosein, and Ellen Brown. Ellen Brown, the author of ‘Web of Debt’ [Youtube], believes that the solution to our current problem is public banking (publicly-owned banks) and has setup the Public Banking Institute. She came on the Peter Schiff Show on the 14th of January 2011 and you can hear her interview with Peter below.

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