Ramadaan and Laylatul Qadr

Alhamdullillah this Ramadan has been good for me as I’ve done more ‘ibadah than I’ve normally been able to do and I’ve also been able to sit down with my kids to do tafseer of the Quran. As Arabic isn’t my first language or my children’s, I’ve seen the benefit of doing tafseer with them, as we are improving our Arabic vocabulary and now being able to understand what we have already memorized. We have been doing word-for-word translation (Zaheen Fatima Baig), followed by Tafseer of Ibn Kathir (Dar Us Salam) of each of the surahs. While doing the tafseer, I’ve found that writing up a tafseer summary of each of the surahs beforehand was a better means of teaching it to the kids and I’ll be posting these summaries soon for others to benefit from.

During this month I’ve been watching a number of clips and lectures on youtube and I really enjoyed the short funny clips done on the Smile…itz Sunnah channel. The person running the channel takes funny clips from various lectures done by Khalid Yasin, Kamal El Mekki, Nouman Ali Khan, Said Rageah, Boona Muhammad, and others and in the comments, they link to the original lecture for those interested in watching more. My mom encouraged me to watch Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture on Ramadaan, shown below, which I enjoyed and hope that you will to. For those who want a shorter clip, you can check out this 10-minute clip entitled ‘Why Do We Fast In Ramadan?’.

I soon found out that Nouman Ali Khan is doing the tafseer of the Quran and that he also runs the Bayinnah Institute, an institute that does a ten month intensive live-in Quran and Arabic studies program in the United States for approximately $US 12,000.

Below is an overview of the program, and below that is the graduation video for last years students.

I hope all of you will take advantage of these last nights of Ramadan so that we can be blessed during Laylat Al Qadr (the Night of Destiny) and encourage that you do the tafseer of Surat Al Qadr, as I have done with my children. Below is the rough draft of the summary I’ve done with my children.

Summary of Surah Al Qadr [Surah 97]
This chapter is about the importance of the Night of Destiny (Al Qadr) and the great status it has with Allaah (SWT). The Night of Al Qadr was the first time that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received verses from the Quran (those verses are found in the previous chapter – Surah Al ‘Alaq) and the Quran continued to be revealed in parts over the next 23 years. The Night of Al Qadr is one of the odd nights of the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan – the 9th month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims should fast if they are able and Satan is shackled in Hell. It is a night in which great blessings are bestowed on those who are praying to Allaah (SWT), along with the descent of the angels (including Angel Jibreel) that fill the area between the heavens and the earth who send greetings of peace to those in prayer. It is a night when we can be closest to Allaah (SWT), which is why prayer that night is better than worshipping Him for a thousand months (83⅓ years) and those that do so will have their previous sins forgiven. It will be a peaceful night, as Satan isnt out and about, for those who are obedient to Him until the appearance of the dawn (Fajr).

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