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Qatar and Emirates Gold & Silver Update

QatarDuring my visit to Qatar in late September and early October I decided to revisit the Qatar Gold Souq area to see how the gold market was going and found out that Al Fardan Exchange had a notice that they … Continue reading

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People I Follow: Mike Maloney

Was introduced to Mike Maloney by way of Robert Kiyosaki, as Mike Maloney published the best selling book on precious metals investing, ‘Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver’ in 2008. I have listen to its audio … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff Versus Dave Ramsey

I had always liked documentaries and even before I began my quest for economic knowledge, I had stumbled across Dave Ramsey who was featured in two 2006 documentaries, ‘In Debt We Trust’ [trailer] and ‘Maxed Out’ [trailer], which both focused … Continue reading

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Silver’s May 2011 Decline

Anyone who is following the silver market lately would have seen the 30% drop that began since the beginning of the month, where silver dropped from around US$ 48 to 35 in 4 days (May 1 – 5). The fall … Continue reading

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