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This page is dedicated to text/books, audios/audio books and video/films/documentaries that I’ve read, listened to, watched or heard about that I believe will be useful for those looking to increase their knowledge of the various oppressions we currently live in today. I will be ordering them in order of what I think you should read/listen/watch them in. This page is a work in progress. :)

Economics / Banking / Finance / Money

Banking System

Zeitgeist: Addendum [W, Y, DVD, Torrent - AVI, DVD] – The 2nd movie from the Zeitgeist movie series by Peter Joseph contains at its beginning [4:25-24:54], how money is created by central banks, how fractional reserve banking works, what is inflation, that money is debt, and debt is being used to enslave us. Found is arabic subtitled version of the film on youtube for those who are interested.

Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution [W, Y] – This 60-minute film by Matrixx Productions focuses on the banking cartel known as the Fed and how it benefits bankers and the congress. It features clips of Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Ted Baehr.

Money as Debt [W, Y, DVD] – Short animated film released in 2006 about the monetary systems practiced through modern banking. A second film came out in 2009, which partial discusses the 2008 collapse.

The American Dream [W, Y, DVD, Trailer] – 30-minute animated film that discusses the housing bubble and the banking system.

The Ascent of Money [W, DVD, Torrent] – Documentary series by economic historian Niall Ferguson that showed on Channel 4 and PBS that goes through the history of money.

The Secret of Oz [DVD, Trailer, Youtube] – 2009 two-hour documentary about the hidden meanings found in the Wizard of Oz book related to the money system done by Bill Still (who also did The Money Masters). The film can also be found on youtube in Deutsch, Spanish, and French.

IMF / World Bank / Corrupt Regime Debt

Life and Debt [W, Wiki, Y, DVD, Trailer] – Hour and a half documentary by Stephanie Black on the effects of the IMF’s policies on developing countries through Jamaica’s experience with the organization.

The Debt of Dictators [W, Y, Clip, Torrent] – The focus of this documentary is the illegitimate debt in Argentina, South Africa, the Philippines, and DR Congo that was saddled onto these countries by corrupt dictators/generals/regimes, while multinational banks like the IMF and World Bank were lining up to offer them billion-dollar loans.

Debtocracy [W, Wiki, Y] – 2011 documentary covering the greek debt crisis from its causes to possible solutions. The most important aspect of the film for me was the explanation of odious debt (a legal theory that holds that national debts incurred by a regime that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be repaid).

War By Other Means [Wiki, Y, 21-min version] – 52-minute TV documentary by John Pilger done in 1992 about loans to developing countries from the World Bank, causing them to pay more in interest then they ever receive.

Credit Cards

In Debt We Trust [W, Y, DVD, Trailer] – This 2006 film by Danny Schechter

Maxed Out [W, Y, DVD, Trailer] – A 2006 documentary that explores the abusive practices in the credit card industry, that was later converted into a book.

PBS Frontline: Secret History of the Credit Card

Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap

United States Debt

IOUSA [W, Y, Trailer, DVD] – This 2009 film by AGORA Entertainment that follows David Walker, the former Comptroller General (aka accountant) of the United States, as he travels around the United States speaking against the debt and unsustainability of the U.S. financial system. You can find the trailer and 30-minute addition of the film on youtube, as well as update 2010 IOUSA solutions series.

Stock Market / Financial Collapses

PBS American Experience: The Crash of 1929 [Video, DVD, Torrent] – Covers the stock market crash of the 1920s that lead to the great depression.

PBS Frontline: The Great American Bailout – 1991 Episode of frontline covering the Savings & Loans crisis of the 1980s

PBS Frontline: The Crash – Covers the 1990s asian financial crisis that hit thailand, malaysia, indonesia, philippines, south korea, hong kong, and china in 1997 and russia, brazil and mexico in 1998 in additional to collapse of affecting international stock markets.

Argentina’s Economic Collapse [Google Video] – Covers the country’s economic collapse in 2001

PBS Nova: Trillion Dollar Bet [W, Y] – Covers the collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) in 1998 due to Russia’s default.

PBS Commanding Heights [W, Clip] – The 3-hour series contains a clip of the LTCM collapse.

2008 Collapse

Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse [W, Y, Trailer] – A 3-hour 4-part documentary series by CBC’s Doc Zone released in September 2010 covering the collapse from all over the globe, with episodes entitled ‘The Men Who Crashed the World’, ‘A Global Tsunami’, ‘Paying the Price’, and ‘After the Fall’, which was also aired on Al Jazeera.

Inside Job [W, Y, DVD, Trailer] – This 2011 documentary is directed by Charles Ferguson and narrated by Matt Damon, which covers the events of the 2008 collapse.

Too Big To Fail [W, Wiki, Trailer - 30sec, 1min] – A 100-minute HBO film adopted from the non-fiction book of the same titled by Andrew Ross Sorki set between August and October 2008, focused on Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, as he attempts to deal with the collapse that starts with Lehman Brothers. It was entertaining to watch this and I would recommend it to people who would like to dip their feet into understanding what happened. The most memorable point of the film for me was the clip where Michele Davis from the Treasury Department states that she has to do a press call and the people in the room had to come up with a dumbed down version of what caused the crisis in order to explain it to the public [56:49-59:41], which is basically explained in this excellent 11-minute animated clip ‘The Crisis of Credit Visualized’. The 20-minute clip entitled ‘Too Big to Fail: Opening the Vault On The Financial Crisis’ is a good clip to watch after seeing the film as it contains interview clips with the author, producer, director, journalists, academics, and the actors.

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis [52 mins]

Plunder: The Crime of Our Time [W, Y, Trailer, 13-min clip, DVD]

PBS Frontline – Frontline came out with four 1-hour episodes into the 2008 collapse including Inside the Meltdown, Breaking the Banks, The Warning, and Ten Trillion and Counting.

BBC: The Love of Money [W, Torrent] – 3-part series by BBC aired in September 2009 covering the collapse of Lehman Brothers, financial risk, and the solutions governments used to stop the crash.

PBS Frontline – Money, Power, and Wallstreet [W, Y, Trailer, DVD] – Another four 1-hour episode series from Frontline aired in April/May 2012 discussing derivatives and how the banks used them as well as Barak Obama’s election and the appointment of Tim Geithner.

Financial Fraud

PBS Frontline: The Madoff Affair – Goes through the $65 billion ponzi scheme by Bernard L. Madoff

PBS Frontline: Bigger than Enron [Y] – Goes into the collapse of Enron in the 2001

Food / Health

We Feed the World, Fast Food Nation, King Corn, Big Sugar, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Matters, Hungry For Change


Blue Gold, Tapped [Trailer], The Story of Bottled Water


Burzynski The Movie [Trailer], The Gerson Miracle, Run from the Cure [Trailer/Torrent]

Advertising / PR / Brainwashing

The Century of the Self, Consuming Kids

New World Order / Global Collapse / Peak Oil

Wake Up Call, Collapse, The Crash Course, The End of Suburbia


Waiting for Superman

Government Lies / War

The Tillman Story, South of the Border, The War You Dont See

Upcoming Films I’m Interested in Seeing

The Bubble Film (aka The Panic of 2008) [promo/trailer] – Documentary that is an adaptation of Tom Woods’ New York Times Bestseller ‘Meltdown: A Free Market Look At Why The Stock Market Collapsed, The Economy Tanked, And Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse’.
End of the Road [trailer] – Documentary discussing if the 2008 financial crisis is over.
Four Horsemen [trailer] – Documentary focused on telling how the world really works.
Dirty Wars [trailer] – Documentary around investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill on the US’s secret war.
Jekyll Island [trailer] – Documentary by Bill Still about the island where the US Federal Reserve was created.

Book List

Peter Schiff – Crash Proof 2.0 [Youtube], The Real Crash [Info, Youtube], How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, Recommended Reading

Tom Woods – Meltdown [Free Chapter]

James Richards – Currency Wars [Youtube]

Chris Martenson – The Crash Course [Youtube]

Various Authors – The Ludwig von Mises Institute, Learn Austrian Economics

William K. Black – The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One

Philipp Bagus – The Tragedy of the Euro [Youtube]

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