The Link List

As putting links in the right column of each page is useful, it doesn’t allow me to give descriptions or sort the links, so this page will have links to websites I use and hope it helps others.

News Headlines

Chris Martenson’s DailyDigest – Daily news headlines that are categorised into Chris Martenson’s 3 E’s (Economy, Environment, Energy)

Dollar Collapse – Setup by one of the authors of “The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It” published in 2008, and it posts news headlines categories by topic, mainly focused on the collapse of the US economy.

SGT Report – In addition to creating useful youtube videos on precious metals, the guy reposts articles and videos from various sources that are relevant.

Collapse Network – Website of Michael C. Ruppert which includes daily news headline and useful videos.

Audio Podcasts

Schiff Radio – Daily radio show hosted by my favourite guy in the US on economics, Peter Schiff.

King World News – Contains audio podcasts of the top names in the business on the economy, precious metals and stock markets which are also published on the website in transcription form.

Gold Seek Radio – Chris Waltzek does a weekly podcast including a Q&A session with Bob Chapman, 2 interviews, and a short solo from Robert Ian (

Follow The Money [FTM] [RSS] – Economist Jerry Robinson does a weekly 1-hour podcast covering the main news headlines of the week, precious metal update with Tom Cloud, and an interview.

Financial Sense Newshour [FSN] – Jim Puplava has regular podcasts.

Financial Survival Radio – Jay Carter does a weekly podcast.

Video Channels

Hyper Report [D, V, W] – The guy puts out a 3 minute video each weekday of news related to the upcoming collapse.

MoxNews – Includes daily news video clips from networks including CNBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBC, and RT.

Gerald Celente Channel – A guy setup this blog to post video clips (mainly youtube) of useful things that people should be aware of. Each day he posts between 3 and 6 videos, but i dont watch the ones that are only audio.


Arabian Money – Useful website on the economy, mainly targeting people living in the Middle East.

Prep Sites

SHTF Plan – Sh*t Hit The Fan Plan

The page is a work in progress. :)

2 Responses to The Link List

  1. Raj Rangwani says:

    Dear Mr Yousuf Patan,

    I very impressed by your website. You have put a lot of effort in and are quite smart.
    Extra impressed because such freely shared hardwork is less common in the UAE as compared to more populous and versatile countries.

    I have to spend more time to read your site, but I was interested in one thing in particular. I would like to know, how I can use gold as a collateral deposit with a bank(perhaps UAE central bank legal tender gold?) I currently have a business credit facilitiy, where I fix deposit x amount of cash, and in return I get cheap credit facilty for y amount. I was wondering if I can replace cash with gold grams deposits, and when I want to cancel the facility I will get my gold grams back. Regards, Raj R

    • Yousuf says:

      Well i know there is a bank that offers loans against gold, but as a muslim its not something i would do or encourage others to do.

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